Adalya Hookah Tobacco

Adalya Hookah Tobacco is a brand established in Turkey in 2003. At first, their production was oriented to the domestic market, and later on, Adalya began to expand worldwide. Very quickly, Adalya flavors became one of the most beloved between hookah enthusiasts all around the globe. Today, the factory is the largest hookah tobacco manufacturer in Turkey and the second largest in the world.
In 2018, the brand entered the markets in the Middle East and Africa, and in 2019 it expanded into the USA.

Adalya has brought to America over 20 different flavors, including the absolute sensation between many hookah tobacco brands, the Love 66 flavor. Ingredients that are used in production are Virginia tobacco, vegetable glycerin, molasses, flavoring. 

Origin Turkey
Packaging 50g, 250g, 1000g
Tobacco leaf Virginia
Nicotine content 0.05%
Cut Thick
Color Red


List of Adalya Flavors:

Love 66

Adalya Love 66

Love 66 is the most popular flavor from Adalya. It's beloved by lots of hookah smokers all around the globe. Love 66 has dyed red color and chopped moderately thick. This shisha flavor is a tropical mix of passion fruit, honeydew melon, watermelon, and mint. It's refreshing and sweet at the same time. Love 66 is an excellent option for those that are into fruity and sweet flavors.

Blue Melon

Adalya Blue Melon

Fresh melon, tart blueberry, and cool menthol. The melon is vibrant while the sour blueberry seeps into your taste buds in the background. Topped off with a hit of refreshing menthol.


Adalya Watermelon

Adalya Watermelon is a single note watermelon flavor. Sweet sugary candy watermelon. A great flavor that can be enjoyed alone, mixed with your favorite fruit flavors, or mint.

Tynky Wynky

Adalya Tynky Wynky

Tynky Wynky is a delicious blend of grapefruit, lime, and passionfruit. The lime and grapefruit are crisp while the passion fruit adds a sweet note to the mix. They meld beautifully together to create something great.

The Two Apples

Adalya Two Apples

A famous and traditional blend of apple and star anise. A bright and sweet apple paired with star anise. A flavor that is a classic for a reason. If you never tried double apple hookah tobacco, The Two Apples from Adalya is an excellent option.

Swiss Bon Bon

Adalya Swiss Bon Bon

For those who want something different from the standard fruit flavors. Adalya beautifully combines a blend of assorted candies and cooling herbal mint.  On the inhale you're welcomed with sweet candies and menthol. On the exhale, bliss.

Strawberry Banana Ice

Adalya Strawberry Banana Ice

Strawberry Banana Ice combines natural strawberry, banana, and menthol to create a common blend that many enjoy. Delicious strawberry in the foreground, a soft yet sweet banana, and a cool menthol to follow.


Adalya Mint Hookah Tobacco

Adalya Mint Hookah Tobacco is a fresh herbal mint. Great alone or mixed. Adds a cool kick to all your favorite fruit flavors.

Mango Tango Ice 

Adalya Mango Tango Ice

By combining tropical sweet mango, an aromatic passion fruit, and menthol Adalya creates a sweet and enjoyable blend. A unique cool fruit mixture that is simply delicious.

Mango Tango 

Adalya Mango Tango

By combining tropical sweet mango and an aromatic passion fruit, Adalya creates a sweet and enjoyable blend. A unique fruit mixture that is simply delicious.

Lemon Cocktail

Adalya Lemon Cocktail


A natural and refreshing lemon and lime flavor. You will be reminded of a delicious beverage while you taste notes of a sweet yet tart lemon and citrusy lime.

Lady Killer

Adalya Lady Killer

Adalya Lady Killer shisha tobacco is an impressive blend of honeydew melon, mango, berries, and mint. Combined together, you get a cool and refreshing inhale. On the exhale, you're left with a lightly tart berry along with sweet mango.

Ice Raspberry

Adalya Ice Raspberry

Ice Raspberry combines a bright and natural raspberry with menthol. A refreshing blend of delicate sweet raspberry and herbal mint on the inhale. You're left with a pleasant sweetness in your mouth after exhaling.

Ice Bon Bon

Adalya Ice Bon Bon

A unique assortment of candies and cool icy peppermint. On the inhale you get a sweet vibrant candy and cool menthol. On the exhale, sweet candy notes are there to stay on your taste buds.

Ice Blueberry

Adalya Ice Blueberry

Ice Blueberry combines a natural blueberry with menthol. On the inhale you get a fresh ripe blueberry and herbal mint on the inhale. You're left with a delicious aftertaste in your mouth that will make you crave your next puff.

Baku Nights

Adalya Baku Nights

Baku Nights boasts a delicious and unique flavor. Mixed fruit and sweet peppermint. The assortment of fruit flavors is crisp and sweet. The peppermint backs the fruit to create something refreshing and delightful.


Adalya Ice

Adalya Ice is a fresh mint with menthol. It's clean and delicate. A great flavor to smoke alone or as a mixer to make your favorite flavor refreshing and delightful.

Double Melon

Adalya Double Melon

Adalya Double Melon Hookah Tobacco is a watermelon and sweet melon merged together to create something great. A candied watermelon and a vibrant ripe melon. On the inhale you’re greeted with sugary candy-like watermelon. On the exhale you’re able to enjoy the wonderful taste of fresh melon.

Blue Lychee 

Adalya Blue Lychee

Blue Lychee is not your average fruit flavor. Blended together by Adalya is a delicious tart blueberry with ripe fresh lychee. The lychee is sweet and succulent leaving a delicious aftertaste.

Blue Dragon Fruit

Adalya Blue Dragon Fruit

Adalya Blue Dragon Fruit is a blend of dragon fruit and blueberry. The dragon fruit tastes of full-bodied tart yet sweet fruit. It’s combined with a mellow tart blueberry to create a well rounded mixture of sweet and tart.

Berlin Nights

Adalya Berlin Nights

Berlin Nights shisha tobacco simple yet delicious combination of peach and mint. A juicy and fruity peach followed by an herbal cool mint. You’re left wondering about how delicious this would be on a night in Berlin.


This is the complete list of flavors available in the USA at this time. We hope that this post was helpful and now you have a better understanding of the Adalya brand and its shisha flavors. 



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